August 6th 2018 – Rocky Robins

Providing we survived Pikes Peak yesterday, the night in Denver should have been pretty straightforward.

The thing is, I hope we haven’t been scared away from mountains. In fact, I’m banking on us feeling quite the opposite.

BBC season 6 bbc 2015 bbc one GIF

Mary, you read my mind.

If we have developed a touch of the ol’ vertigo, the next few days might be a bit of a mare.

See, we’ve got four days at Rocky Mountain, and *spoiler alert*, mountains are involved here.

 reaction shocked futurama queue reaction s GIF

We’ve got four days booked in because that what our Lonely Planet book says to do, but we’re already going to have to deviate just a tad from the plan there.

The book has us driving into the park along the Old Fall River Road, and you’re not alone if you’re getting flashbacks to our drive yesterday up Pikes Peak. The reason why we’re not looking into driving up this historic road isn’t because of any lingering PTSD though, it’s the fact that the majority of the trail is unpaved.

Meaning that driving it would invalidate our car hire agreement, which is a definite no-no.

 house dad company mondays contract GIFDon’t think of us at sticks in the mud though, it’s just that we have another month of driving, so I’d rather not risk it.

Instead, we’ll go along the Trail Ridge Road to the Alpine Visitor Center. It’s a bit of a record-breaker too, being the highest facility of it’s kind in the National Parks Service at 11,796 feet above sea level.

Nickelodeon wow nickelodeon nick cam newton GIF

Plus, it’s a visitor centre. And you know we like to get all up in their, metaphorical, grilles.

Once we’ve seen the views and stretched our legs from the two hour-odd drive from Denver, we’ll be heading off our campground at Glacier Basin (via a detour to see the Fairview Curve viewpoint).

Very nice.

Glacier Basin looks pretty special too…

We’ll set up camp and have a spot of foodage, then round the day off with a little hike up a mountain.

Mashable reaction meme reactions what GIF

Just up here.

This is Twin Sisters Peak, and it might be one of the most demanding hikes we’ve done so far. The summit is at 11,428 feet, and it’s not exactly smooth walking all the way up.

There were landslides in 2014, and the trail hasn’t been fixed everywhere yet. If we take it slow and carefully though, the 3.7 miles to the top will give us some tremendous views.

Worth it.

If nothing else, this site here speaks about an 80 year-old woman who did it.

80-year-old woman

So we have that to aim for if nothing else.

And then it’s back down and to bed.

Maybe even some s’mores like Lorna is obsessed with.

 dessert camping marshmallow smores smore GIF

Go on then. Just the one.

Or seven.





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